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MTV is looking for teens in your area! [Thursday 01 May 08 @ 11:43am]

 Hey there! My name is Lauren and I'm a Casting Assistant for MTV News & Docs. Currently, I am looking for teens in OR who would like to be part of a new reality show.  Details are below:

Are you a teen between the ages of 14-19 who is dealing with some sort of issue? Anything from peer pressure, self esteem, bullies, relationships, cliques, etc. is of interest! If so, we'd love to set you up with a celebrity mentor who'll work with you to build confidence and overcome your problem. We're looking for candidates primarily on the West Coast (CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ) for right now. If you think you'd be a good match for this show, send us an email at HelpMe@MTVstaff.com !

A link to the official casting call is here: http://www.mtv.com/ontv/castingcall/index.jhtml?castingId=1585397
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[Saturday 22 January 05 @ 11:54am]

[ mood | blank ]


I'm kind of amused by the lack of posting here.





(If you couldn't tell I have not much to do. At all. :p)

So, I'll post a quote from *somewhere* (I don't know where, I just found it. :P)

"I just, for some reason unknown, sat through Bring It On




I'm really gonna miss those brain cells..."

I relate.

I also think that we need to organise some sort of peace rally.

Or at least go to one. If I find one nearby (Like, not farther than Portland kind of near)
Anyone want to come?

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[Sunday 26 December 04 @ 06:29pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

what is wrong with all of us?! why are we NOT posting?! come on, people!

so -

update? yes.

winter break kicks off for another week. so, if i were you, get your papers done, your article reviews done, and any forgein language homework done.

also: anyone in here who has suffering grades? want to compare classes and maybe have a big group study on a regular occasion?

anyways, i should go update in other random places now. cheers.

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[Sunday 12 September 04 @ 08:39pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Ok ok, schedule crap-time!

01. Wind Symphony; Hafer(*stabstabstabstab*)
02. Algebra; Doyle
03. Biology; Mabry
04. Advanced English 10; Roberts
05. Global Studies; Hunt
06. Library Experience(Aide); Martin
07. Port City; Pierce
RA. Reading/Advisory; Baker
08. Tutorial;Baker


Oh I'm exhausted. But I'd say why I am is worth it, despite my father goading me, and taking events of the last night with a sexual meaning. >.< (no the events where NOT toward my father. And they where not sexual. I blame CAAARLEEETA! for it but it doesn't matter too much. :D)

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fame [Monday 30 August 04 @ 10:39pm]

for you very slow people, FAME! auditions are tuesday (tomorrow) from 3-6 pm, wednesday from 3-6 pm (this is the singing/musical portion of the auditions), call backs thursday and cast list up by 12 noon friday.

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[Wednesday 11 August 04 @ 01:49pm]
[ mood | ELASTIC?! ]

Ok, out of curiosity... who else is going on this Leadership retreat? i got the letter today, and it runs from Sat-Sun, meaning i miss church. bah. but yea, who else is going?

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[Tuesday 27 July 04 @ 10:21am]
[ mood | weird ]

AHHHH. I know when school starts!! EE!! (??????)

September 7th we go back to school. and strangly enough, we get OUT of school June 14th. That's like, a week and a half after we got out this year. *odd*

So, now you know. !!

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[Wednesday 30 June 04 @ 04:51pm]

[ mood | okay ]

I have nothing special to put in here. I'm just bored as hell, and I thought I'd post in here, since I never do.
I do like this poll idea, though. When is it actually going to happen.
MARGIT HENSHAW! You are nifty to think of something for the bored folk to do while you're gone, and for that I applaud you.

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[Saturday 26 June 04 @ 11:01pm]
i totally love sideway's idea. SO, people, come up a theme topic. (hehehehehee... i feel powerfull ordering you to do something....)
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asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss [Friday 18 June 04 @ 03:59pm]


1. What grade are you going to be going into? i'm going to be a very sexy junimore.

2. What are some of the classes you are taking? chemistry, german 2, advanced english 10, english 11, trigonometry, orchestra, women's weight training, some more random classes that i don't care about. something resembling history, i guess.

3. Who is your fav. teacher at the high school? why? arrr, not sure. i like mabry, flowers, and dalton (oh shut up, sarah! ho.) but all for different reasons.

4. Who is your least fav. teacher at the high school? why? mcfarland. he makes me wants to do violent things to people.

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Wow. [Friday 18 June 04 @ 11:12am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Here are my answers...

1. What grade are you going to be going into? 10th

2. What are some of the classes you are taking? I have no clue. I had a weird dream where I got classes I didn't want, and I was extremely bummed out. I got a lot of classes I didn't sign up for. I now regret my whole forecasting sheet, though. I need to talk to them before school starts.

3. Who is your fav. teacher at the high school? why? Mrs. Callaghan. She's one of the most morbid people I've ever met. She laughs at the weirdest things, like I do, she has such a great sense of humor, and she always picks out good books for our class.

4. Who is your least fav. teacher at the high school? why? Hmm... I'd have to say Mr. McFarland, because he hates me. I had fun in digital photography, but he didn't like that. He was so mean to me.

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Some Questions [Tuesday 15 June 04 @ 07:01pm]

[ mood | Full of Joy...again! ]

Ok, here are some dumb questions because I know most of you buttt....

1. What grade are you going to be going into?

2. What are some of the classes you are taking?

3. Who is your fav. teacher at the high school? why?

4. Who is your least fav. teacher at the high school? why?

Here are my answers

1. I'm going into 12th grade..whoohoo!! SENIOR!!

2. I am going to be taking a buttload of hard classes like: Adv. Government, Honors English 12, Pre-Cal, Senior Trans, Econ, Pyschology, Service Learning, Womans Weight training, Leadership and I will be taking French and possibly Sign Language at the college. (plus my senior project, Im prez of ODW and im active in the Bible Club..wOOt)

3. Ms. Moore, she is so nice and we work together well

4. Mr. Green Pants..aka the Drunk Monkey most of you know who that is...

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Let the good times roll [Tuesday 15 June 04 @ 03:01pm]

[ mood | RAWR! ]

Hi group!

Wow, I'm on a group. How exciting.

I'm really bored, and I don't know what to do, or write or... whatever.

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Wowie we really arnt fishermen are we..... [Monday 14 June 04 @ 05:15pm]

[ mood | peaceful ]

Wow guys this is pretty cool, haha AAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSStoria
well I will talk at you later

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[Monday 14 June 04 @ 02:51pm]

[ mood | FULL OF JOY! ]

hello, my name is sarah!

i am very cool.

but you all knew that.

this is a test post.


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[Sunday 13 June 04 @ 11:07pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I joined, I posted, I conquered.

Happy now?

I think I will dance.....


so ha.

I think I shall go make an icon now, that I will only use for this community.

feel special.

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[Sunday 13 June 04 @ 08:33pm]


YEA. Alrighty oooooh three peeps o mine, we need to get this thing ROLLIN! (WHOA IM INSAAANNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE).

Any suggestions, shlee??????? HRRRRM?


that was me calling you because i am bored out of my MIND MIND MIND

going now. im insane.

death to shanghaied-

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[Sunday 13 June 04 @ 01:09pm]
[ mood | bored ]

OOOOK. So, it's just me and Sideway here for now. So basically, this is directed at sideway.

Are we going to make a linking banner and send it to all the astorians? how are we going to spread the word about this? flyers? word of mouth? hrm?

What do we want in here, like, stuff thats going on, or what?


Ok, thats all for now.


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[Thursday 10 June 04 @ 12:14pm]

woooo, first entry!


*da ;f;egyb;y a*

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